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Our production company is driven by our passion for storytelling. We believe in the power of narrative to connect people and reveal the depth and beauty of human experience. Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do, from crafting compelling scripts to bringing those stories to life through dynamic and innovative visuals. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences that captivate and inspire audiences.


Our production company boasts an incredible team with decades of combined industry experience. Our team is comprised of award winning writers, actors, producers and musicians. We believe that this wealth of experience is what truly sets us apart and allows us to consistently deliver top-quality content. We collaborate closely with one another, drawing upon each other’s unique talents and perspectives to create truly incredible work.


Douglas Scheidet

Douglas is highly regarded as a dynamic leader with vision, he has the ability to inspire others and is always at the forefront of trends. His luxury fashion brand Duzie was created to capture styles that transcend time and achieve the highest standards in the industry. In his latest project, Inspired Artists Productions, Douglas has assembled an award winning team to tell his family story through the movie “So Help Me God” and will continue to bring exceptional films to a diverse audience.


Mark Huffam

Mark Huffam, the producer of Saving Private Ryan, The Martian and Game of Thrones is now attached to Inspired Artists to produce the epic civil war movie “So Help Me God”. The story of a reluctant farmer’s son who joins the Union Army only to be nominated for the Medal of Honor and change the course of history!

Writer and Filmmaker

Owen Pataki

Owen Pataki graduated from Cornell University in 2010 with a degree in history. In 2011 he joined the Army and served as a Lieutenant, deploying to Afghanistan in 2014. Following his military service, he attended Met Film School at Ealing Studios in London. In 2017 he published his first novel, Where the Light Falls, with his sister and best-selling author, Allison Pataki. His second novel, Searchers in Winter, was published in 2021. He has directed multiple short films, and currently lives in New York City where he is working as a writer and filmmaker.


Thomas G. Waites

Thomas G. Waites (born January 8, 1955) is an American actor, director and acting instructor born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Waites runs an acting studio in New York City which is named for him. He has been a member of the Actor’s Studio since 1984. Since the 1970s, Waites has appeared in over 30 television and film productions. Some of his credits as a television actor include NYPD Blue, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Oz, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and The Jury. In film, he appeared in Unwed Father, State of Grace, …And Justice for All, Gangland, An American Affair, The Warriors, and the John Carpenter film The Thing

He received a full scholarship at the Julliard School in New York City, where he studied acting as a member of the Drama Division’s Group 7 (1974-1977).


Brian McGee

Brian McGee is a multi talented engineer and producer for the following artists; Rolling Stones, Meatloaf, Kid Rock and Cyndi Lauper, Snoop Dogg, Blue Oyster Cult, Choir Boys, and Aerosmith, BonJovi, Blues Brothers, B.B. King, and Diana Ross, The Cult, Julio Iglesias, Kathy Lee Gifford and Roberta Flack, George Benson, Yoko Ono, Kiss, The Waterboys, Killing Joke, Aldo, Nova and Irene Cara.

Brian has recorded the following television themes:

Monday Night Football 1992-2011 Theme Good Morning America and Prime Time Live ABC World News Tonight, New York Liberty Theme and Nightline New York CityHawks Theme, The View with Barbara Walters and The Superbowl Sunday New Jersey Nets Theme, The Price is Right, MSNBC, New York Rangers and New York Knicks Theme


Robert DiBella

Robert DiBella is a three-time published author, his espionage novel Memoir of a Variable, was a best seller for Rainstorm Press. 

Robert is also a screenwriter managed by Safier Entertainment. His work includes the film Brawler which made a theatrical release in 2019. Robert has worked for producers from LA to London and is always willing to take on a great story.


Edd Kalehoff

Edd Kalehoff has been writing music for movies and television for over 40 years.

Edd’s talents range from composing, scoring, mixing, editing, mastering, and music supervision. His use of world-class musicians, state of the art digital instruments, as well as vintage equipment has led to numerous awards while becoming a recognized leader in the industry.

With over 4 decades of award winning work, some of Edd’s many scoring projects include Walking Tall and The Anderson Tapes. Kalehoff also composed the musical themes to numerous game shows. Including, The Price Is Right and Double Dare, as well as work for ABC World News Tonight and Monday Night Football.



Herb Middleton is a world renown multi platinum record producer and well established musician that has accumulated multiple grammy nominations within the course of 26 years in the music industry. He is a man of faith, a dedicated husband, father and grandfather.

Herb Middleton produced his first hit single on “Big Bub”,  that was the former lead singer of early New Jack Swing group “Today”  After the peak of the hit song “Telling Me Stories”Herb Middleton received a call from Sean “Puffy”Combs who was leaving Uptown Records to start Bad Boy Entertainment. In 1993 “Big Herb” worked closely with “Puffy” on several projects.  Herb contributed his musicianship & production skills in a collaborative effort to create a classic hit titled “Can’t You See”  by Total feat Biggie Smalls.  In 1994 Herb produced ballads on Mary J Blige’s “My Life” album. “You Gotta Believe”  & “Never Wanna Live Without You”.

A few years ago Herb Middleton was noted as “Producer of The Year” in a popular magazine in London. Some of his music is now the headline sound of several successful businesses affiliated with his company which is managed internationally by Colin Bigger of  Bigger Management from the UK and managed in the states by Jeff Francisco of Frisc Productions.

HERB MIDDLETON’S passion focus are what he refers to as his 3E’s, EMPOWERMENT.. EDUCATION..ENTERTAINMENT..

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